How Two Writers Fell in Love on the 2007 Writers Strike Picket Line

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Covington married Traub in May 2013.

'Alone Together' showrunner Hunter Covington met future wife and 'Black-ish' executive producer Stacy Traub during the walkout: "It's so silly, but here we are."

Hunter Covington We had a very gung-ho strike captain on our staff at My Name Is Earl, and I said, half-joking, "If you did a singles picket, people would go."

Stacy Traub I'd just gone through a pretty gnarly divorce in July. I've got a 4-month-old and a 3-year-old, and then the strike hits. So, when the thing comes up about the singles picket, everyone who knew me said: "You have to go to this. You may meet the love of your life."

Covington Also, writers being writers, you're doing it for the irony.

Traub I remember putting some effort into what I was going to wear that day.

Covington I don't know if I put any effort into what I wore.

Traub No, I don't think you did. (Laughs.) So then we get to the Galaxy Way gate at Fox, and it was a pretty good turnout. Like, 20 or 30 people.

Covington You're just walking around with picket signs, and everyone's sort of looking at each other.

Traub How do you start a conversation? It wasn't pretty. I remember going to the bar [at the Intercontinental] and getting a drink with my friend who pointed out Hunter. After that, we all moved over to picket on Pico [Boulevard]. That's when Hunter and I wound up walking together and talking.

Covington Then we got Philly cheese-steaks afterward.

Traub A lot of writers were having get-togethers because we all had nothing to do. So we saw each other at one of those and then we started dating lightly.

Covington Timidly. She had a very complicated situation. …

Traub Let's just call it what it was: I came with a lot of baggage. So, we dated for a couple weeks and then Hunter was like, "I kind of can't deal with your situation." I said, "I can't deal with it either." But we stayed in touch on Facebook.

Covington During the strike, everyone was on Facebook. Then a year later, we got back together. [A year later,] we got pregnant.

Traub When our daughter was 1, I was working on this Mandy Moore pilot, it's February, and I come home from a hard day, and Hunter's like, "I got the nanny to stay late, they've extended the Presidents Day sale at Room & Board, let's go get a new couch." This was, like, the best news you could've told me.

Covington So, I go in the bathroom and put on my red strike shirt with a big fucking wool dress coat over it, and I button it up all the way. She's like, "What are you doing in there?"

Traub Hunter starts taking a weird route to Room & Board, but I'm not gonna complain. ...

Covington She was definitely complaining. "You're on Olympic [Boulevard]. Why the fuck are you on Olympic?"

Traub Then I notice he's driving to Galaxy Way. …

Covington Once we get on Avenue of the Stars, she starts to put it together. She's like, "Holy shit. Holy shit."

Traub By then, I knew we weren't going to Room & Board. So, we walked over to Galaxy Way …

Covington And across the street …

Traub To exactly where we met. He opened his coat, and I saw the strike shirt. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. 

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