How Well Do You Know 'Dirty Dancing'?

'Dirty Dancing' Celebrates 30th Anniversary | THR News

Test your knowledge in honor of 30 years of keeping Baby out of the corner.

It was 30 years ago, on Aug. 21, that Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze first twirled into theaters in Dirty Dancing, a spicy summer romance.

Though three decades have passed, fans still remember the famous lift and Swayze’s character insisting that “nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

The young lovers meet at Kellerman’s, an upscale summer resort where Johnny Castle (Swayze) works as a dance instructor and Baby Houseman (Grey) is visiting with her family. Baby ends up at a party for the staff and Johnny catches her eye. As she swoons over him during the hot summer days, he teaches her how to dance. The two find romance and perform together at the summer’s closing show, wowing audiences with their passion and skill, and of course, the lift.

The film has a 72 percent freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, has earned nearly $214 million at the box office and had a remake released in 2017.

In honor of Dirty Dancing's 30th anniversary, take the quiz below to see how well you remember this rom-com favorite.