Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams Reveal Inspiration for 'Eurovision Song Contest' Accents

Eurovision Song Contest: The Fire Saga Story Still 2 - Netflix Publicity_H 2020
Courtesy of Netflix

The co-stars also spoke about their source material, finally working together onscreen and their behind-the-scenes antics.

Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams team up to play the ambitious, fame-thirsty Icelanders of the musical duo Fire Saga in Eurovision Song Contest.

The comedy movie, which starts streaming Friday on Netflix, sees Ferrell and McAdams battle it out with other musical acts in the world-famous singing competition. In addition to campy metallic and glittery costumes, the actors show off their version of Icelandic accents, which they crafted with the help of real-life inspiration. 

On Good Morning America, Ferrell and McAdams highlighted the people who helped them hone their movie dialects. McAdams cited Bjork for her movie accent while Ferrell went for something a little closer to home. 

"I'm copying my wife's Swedish cousins to be honest," he said. 

McAdams also revealed that, in addition to family members and pop culture icons, the actors also worked with dialect coaches and Icelandic actors to perfect their accents. 

The two actors also shared that the Netflix parody is the first time they have worked onscreen together, despite both appearing in Wedding Crashers. Since the 2005 film, McAdams said she "had always hoped the stars would align and somehow I would get to actually talk to him in a movie."

As McAdams wished, the two actors filmed Eurovision Song Contest in different parts of Europe, including Scotland, where Ferrell said he played pranks on his co-star. 

"One evening, we looked up and above and at this third story window this woman in dark sunglasses … was just staring down at us and I said, 'Rachel don't look now but that's the ghost of Main Street,' and it freaked Rachel out so much that I had my makeup artist dress exactly like that," Ferrell told the Good Morning America hosts.

Ferrell's makeup artist, then dressed as the mysterious woman, watched the two actors from a distance when they worked in another location. The actor said the prank freaked his co-star out so much that he decided to reveal that he was joking. 

"He was a bit worried about my mental health," McAdams laughed. 

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga hits Netflix on June 26. 

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