Howard is upped at ICM

Agency's new head of film talent

Toni Howard has been named the new head of motion picture talent at ICM. She replaces Carol Bodie, who stepped down and continues to be a senior agent at ICM.

The move comes as the agency continues its restructuring while negotiating the departure of agency co-president Ed Limato and follows a series of promotions and dismissals.

Howard, who has been with company since 1991, is one of the highest-ranking female agents in a male-dominated field. Her clients include Halle Berry, Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci, Christopher Walken and Laura Linney.

The promotion signals that ICM is shoring up its film side and is interested in keeping its top agents from exiting with Limato.

Doug MacLaren and Nick Reed remain co-heads of the motion picture literary department.

Howard was head of ICM's motion picture talent department in 1999.