Howard Kurtz During Fox Debut: CNN, MSNBC 'Over-Cover' Zimmerman Trial (Video)

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Howard Kurtz

The media reporter praises FNC's coverage of upheaval in Egypt, but questions if the network's competitors are devoting too much time to the trial of Trayvon Martin's killer.

Howard Kurtz officially has started his on-air duties on Fox News Channel by questioning its competitors' coverage.

The veteran media reporter, who departed from his job at CNN last month, joined Bret Baier for a segment on Special Report in which he weighed in on how the media is covering the George Zimmerman trial and upheaval in Egypt.

Kurtz said “it isn’t even close” when it comes to which story has been covered more, saying MSNBC and CNN have devoted far more time to the trial of Zimmerman, the Florida man who has admitted to killing unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

“The over-coverage in my view of this really something to behold,” Kurtz said.

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He said Martin’s story was “undeniably tragic” and said “the trial should be covered." He cautioned wall-to-wall coverage was not necessary, though he said he understood why it was getting priority.

“Trials provide a terrific narrative because people can choose sides,” he said. “By contrast, the situation in Cairo … it’s a more complicated situation. Who do you root for?”

Kurtz came under fire in May for a Daily Beast story suggesting NBA player Jason Collins hadn’t disclosed he’d been engaged to a woman when he came out as gay in a Sports Illustrated story. (Collins actually had mentioned his engagement in his story.) The backlash led to Kurtz parting ways with The Daily Beast, where he was Washington bureau chief, and also leaving CNN, where he had hosted Reliable Sources since 1998.

Fox announced June 20 that Kurtz would be joining the network to provide on-air analysis across the network and also to anchor a version of what is now known as Fox News Watch.

Kurtz last appeared on CNN on June 30. On July 5, he tweeted “New show will take awhile to get up and running.”