Howard Stern Goes Off on Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Over Israel Remarks (Audio)

"Where do you want the Jews to go, Roger?" Stern asked. "You want them just to go back to the concentration camps? What is it you want, f—head?"

Howard Stern probably shouldn't expect Roger Waters to make a guest appearance on the shock-jock's show anytime soon, not after absolutely lambasting the former Pink Floyd frontman for his anti-Israel activism.

"What is with Roger Waters and the Jews?" asked Stern, during a seven-minute soliloquy defending Israel while insinuating over and over that Waters is anti-Semitic.

Stern's motivation was a letter Waters wrote to members of Bon Jovi, published by Salon, that castigated the rock band for an Oct. 3 performance in Tel Aviv.

In the letter, Waters speaks of "Israeli oppression of Palestinians" and he links to several accusations of abhorrent behavior on the part of Jews in Israel.

"He's got to shut up, Roger Waters," said Stern on Tuesday during his show on Sirius XM Radio. "If you take a look over there — Roger, genius, Mr. Pink Floyd — there are so many Arab countries and so much land around Israel, if you threw a pin in a pool, that's what Israel is."

Emphasizing his point with profanity throughout, Stern argued that Israel was created in the middle of a desert in a portion of the world no one wanted, until Jews showed up there.

"The Palestinians are these Arabs that could live in Egypt; they could live in Saudi Arabia, but guess what? Those countries don't want them either," said Stern, his voice rising. "Israel has a little tiny country, and it bugs the shit out of Roger Waters. He can't f—in' deal with it."

"Where do you want the Jews to go, Roger?" asked Stern. "You want them just to go back to the concentration camps? What is it you want, f—head?"

"Jews, go to the dark side of moon and live," joked Stern, referencing the name of Pink Floyd's most popular record album.

Listen to the audio below.

Waters, who supports a boycott of Israel for engaging in "Apartheid" against the Palestinians, similarly chastised the Alan Parsons Project when that band played in Israel.