Howard Stern Talks 'America's Got Talent': 'I'd Be Better Than the Hoff'

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At the Late Show With David Letterman in NYC.

The shook jock also vowed that he wouldn't "curse like a raving lunatic" on the broadcast show, but said he is not currently negotiating to replace Piers Morgan as a judge on the NBC talent series.

NEW YORK - Howard Stern is not currently negotiating with NBC's America's Got Talent to replace Piers Morgan as a judge, the shock jock told the New York Post's Page Six. 

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"I think I’d be better than the Hoff [David Hasselhoff], but who knows?," the paper quoted him as saying at this week's New York premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1. "But now, there’s nothing to report about it.”

Added Stern: “No one’s told me anything. I heard that they want me for the job . . . I’m honored that they would consider me.”

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Asked if he would be able to stay away from the cursing and edgy comments, which he is known for, on a broadcast show, Stern said: “Listen, I’m not insane. If I were on a network television show, I wouldn’t curse." He added: “I’ve been on David Letterman. I don’t go on and curse like a raving lunatic. You broadcast for whatever is appropriate.”

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The Parents Television Council (PTC) this week urged NBC not to "abandon and offend its family audience" by hiring Stern.

The Sirius XM Radio star also reiterated that he is a fan of the NBC show. "America’s Got Talent is a great show," he told the Post. "I love watching the show, I’ve been watching it from the beginning."


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