Howard Stern Wants O.J. Simpson Kicked Off Twitter

"When someone kills your brother and then they are sitting out there on the golf course, living the life that most people don't get to live ... it's got to be maddening," the iconic radio personality said while talking to Kim Goldman.

Howard Stern on Wednesday told his SiriusXM Satellite Radio audience that he believes Twitter should ban O.J. Simpson.

The iconic radio personality made the comments while speaking with guest Kim Goldman, the sister of Ronald Goldman, who was brutally murdered along with Nicole Brown on June 12, 1994.

The disgraced pro athlete and former actor Simpson was ultimately acquitted of the murders of the 25-year-old Goldman and 35-year-old Brown in what was dubbed "The Trial of the Century."

Simpson, once again a free man after being released from jail after a separate conviction out of Las Vegas, recently joined Twitter because "I've got a little getting even to do,"  he wrote.

A number of his posts show him out on the golf course, enjoying himself.

Goldman told Stern the account is hard for the family to stomach.

The radio host said he felt it was inappropriate, adding he was pained for her family.

"I really got triggered because of O.J.'s Twitter feed," Stern said. "When someone kills your brother and they're on the golf course and they're sitting out there in their golf cart, living the life that most people don't get to live ... it's got to be maddening."

He asked Goldman if she wanted Simpson thrown off Twitter. She asked him what he thought.

"I say yes ... just to save you the grief of seeing him out there," Stern said. Co-host Robin Quivers pointed out Simpson has not broken any rules to be banned.

Simpson has more than 865,000 followers, but his account has yet to be verified by Twitter.

Twitter declined comment. 

Watch the full clip below. 

A previous version of this story misidentified Stern's co-host. It is Robin Quivers, not Robin Givens.