Howard Wolfson joins Fox News

Senior Hillary Clinton campaign adviser to appear on-air

NEW YORK -- Howard Wolfson, one of Hillary Clinton's senior advisers in her recently ended presidential campaign, will join Fox News Channel as a contributor.

The channel is expected to make the announcement today; Wolfson is scheduled to make his first appearance on air Wednesday.

Wolfson, a longtime political consultant, has worked as communications director for Clinton's New York election campaigns. He had a similar role in her presidential campaign but was promoted to co-chief strategist this year.

"He's got an insider's knowledge of how campaigns work and sometimes don't work," said John Moody, executive vp news editorial at Fox News. Wolfson couldn't be reached for comment.

Wolfson is one of a number of high-profile political figures the channel has hired in recent months for its election programming, including Karl Rove, former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and Clinton adviser Lanny Davis.

"We really think we've got the chessboard covered," Moody said.