Howie Mandel's 'Take It All' Launches Second-Screen Game


To add incentive to watch NBC's new game show live, the network has launched a game that allows users at home to compete to win money.

NBC is going all in with Howie Mandel's new game show Take It All.

Take It All, debuting after The Voice Dec. 10 as a week-long Monday-Friday strip, is a high-pressure "white elephant" gift exchange with prizes worth thousands of dollars, including cars, trips and jewelry. Each contestant selects and opens a prize, and the next player must choose whether to steal a prize already revealed or take a chance on an unopened one that might be worth less. Players are eliminated in rounds until the final two are forced to make a life-changing choice.

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To add another incentive for viewers to watch live, NBC is launching a second-screen game -- synced to the broadcast. For those watching Take It All on other platforms like Zeebox, Facebook, NBC app and can compete for a $10,000 prize to be awarded at the end of the series.

When viewers play at home, the game will look slightly different. The home version of Take It All gives players the ability to play along the game on-air by allowing the viewer to guess on which specific sub-outcomes occur during a game. Viewers choose their prizes from the Dream Screen, guessing how much they're worth and at the end of the round, the correct values are revealed; every value guessed correctly gives the viewer 1,000 points. The last round pits the final two against each other, where viewers can control which course they take.

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"It's based on this social experiment that really is at the center of most people's [holiday] parties," Mandel, who hosts and serves as executive producer, told The Hollywood Reporter. "What if we put it on steroids? Gift cards and vacations and hover crafts and submarines and jet packs and hundreds of thousand of dollars worth of prizes. Would the gamemanship come out and would their wits be taken right to the edge? Lo and behold, people are screaming and crying and fainting."

Take It All airs 9 p.m. Monday-Friday before wrapping up its run Dec. 17 on NBC. Take It All hails from Universal TV and Alevy Productions, with Mandel serving as EP alongside Scott St. John and Mike Marks.