H&R Block Calls Ad on MTV's Skins 'A Mistake,' It Won't Happen Again


The company regrets one ad running during the controversial show.

H&R block is not joining the companies pulling their advertising out of the MTV program Skins. The company put out a statement making it clear they never were an advertiser.

"H&R Block is not an advertiser of the show," the statement read. "One ad ran by mistake as part of a rotation. Once we learned this, we immediately took steps to ensure it didn't happen again."
"This program is not brand right and H&R Block did not select it to be part of our rotation," the statement concluded.
As first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Taco Bell dropped its ads from the racy teen drama on Thursday, saying the program was "not a fit" for the brand. 
GM followed suit Friday, placing the show on its "Do Not Buy" list. Wrigley was the third major sponsor to drop the program on Saturday.
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