Huang Bo Joins 'Black & White: Episode 1'


Chinese actor Huang Bo has joined the cast of Taiwanese writer-director Yueh Hsun Tsai's $12 million "Black & White: Episode 1," a detective thriller set to start shooting in Taiwan before the end of the year, Double Edge Entertainment said at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Huang ("The Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen") joined the cast of "Black & White" when Vic Chou, star of the popular Taiwan series of the same name and a pop singer in the band F4, had scheduling conflicts.

"Everybody's been asking if Vic would star, but since we wanted this to be a co-production and we needed a Mainland actor, Huang was our man," Chicorel said "And, anyway, 'Black & White: Episode 1' is a prequel. We fully expect Vic to be in episode two."

Produced by DEE's Wolf Chen, "Black & White" will also star Mark Chao, who starred in the recent Taiwan box office hit "Monga" and was in the original cast of the "Black & White" TV series.

The film follows a young detective (Chao) who needs a retiring gangster (Huang) to solve a murder. Meanwhile, the gangster (Bo) finds he needs the cop to retrieve priceless stolen goods.

Huang and Chao will be supported by Hong Kong model-turned-actor Angelababy ("Hot Summer Days"), Taiwan starlet Terri Kwan ("Turn Left Turn Right"), Ivy Chen from the original TV series and actor Alex To.

"Black & White" will be shot in Kaoshiung, in southern Taiwan, and will include a finale set piece that features a complete Boeing 747 that is being shipped over in pieces from Los Angeles, Chicorel said.

The film's crew includes the director of photography from "Ip Man," the stunt team from Luc Besson's "Taken" and the visual effects supervisor from "Kill Bill."

Chicorel said DEE, which holds world rights to the film set for delivery by the end of 2011, has turned away buyers as the producers build the budget, the production angle, cast and crew.

"It's frustrating for the buyers, but at the end of the day, we plan to deliver an extremely different sort of modern day action film and the first installment of what we believe to be a huge franchise," he said.

The original TV series is set to release in Japan on statecaster NHK's pay satellite channel BS 2 in February 2011.