Huffington Post Launches Interview Web Series 'Talk to Me' (Exclusive)

Talk to Me -Screen shot- H 2016
Courtesy of The Huffington Post

Guests include Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and Ron Howard.

Arianna Huffington's daughter, Christina, is turning the camera on her mother for a new web series about the relationship between children and their parents. 

Talk to Me, which launches Monday, will feature interviews with several influential people conducted by their children. 

The series was conceived and executive produced by Christina Huffington, who writes in a blog post that conversations between parents and children typically revolve around the child. "As a child, it's expected that the conversation will revolve around you. As a teenager, there is often little you want to hear less than your mom or dad's opinion," she explains. "But as an adult, there is so much to be gained from flipping the dynamic and asking your parents to talk to you." 

The first three episodes, which are being released exclusively on Facebook, feature interviews between Arianna and Christina Huffington, Oprah Winfrey and three of the "daughters" who graduated from her school in South Africa, and Richard Branson and his son Sam. Other episodes will feature interviews between Melinda Gates and her daughter Jenn, Bono and his daughter Jordan Hewson, Travis Kalanick and his father Donald, Lionel Richie and his daughter Nicole, Howard Schultz and his son Jordan, and Ron Howard and his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard. 

As part of the series, HuffPost and sponsor Unilever are also asking people to send in their own interviewers with family members. 

"I hope other parents will find the experience as fulfilling as I have," Arianna Huffington says in a blog post, noting that it can be hard to find the time for a deep conversation. "So we hope that by providing a structure, and creating a community of other parents and children from around the world, we can make the experience more accessible."