Huffington Post Apologizes for Using Zayn Malik Photo on ISIS Tweet

Zayn Malik - H 2015
AP Images

Zayn Malik - H 2015

The former One Direction singer was only mentioned briefly in the media outlet's story.

Huffington Post issued on apology on Friday after using former One Direction member Zayn Malik's image to tweet out a story about ISIS.

"We apologize for the original image here," tweeted the Huffington Post, with a screenshot of the original controversial tweet. "Zayn Malik is mentioned in the story, but is obviously not part of ISIS."

The story is titled, "What ISIS Wants: To Destroy The 'Gray Zone Of Coexistence.' " The article and the podcast briefly mention Malik as an example of a Muslim co-existing successfully with non-Muslims.

"If you want a more relatable face of the 'gray zone of coexistence' — a success story you've definitely heard of — consider international pop-sensation and former One Direction singer Zayn Malik," wrote Huffington Post writer Jason Linkins. "The terror group despises Muslims of all stripes who reject their bankrupt ideology and look to the West for hope. They're counting on us making the mistake of rejecting these Muslims."