Hugh Jackman Ventures to Ethiopia in Trailer for Fair-Trade Coffee Doc

'Dukale's Dream'

In 'Dukale's Dream,' the actor details how getting to know an Ethiopian coffee farmer got him involved with the cause.

Hugh Jackman journeys to Ethiopia and advocates for fair-trade coffee in the trailer for his upcoming documentary, Dukale's Dream.

On his trip, Jackman meets a local coffee farmer, Dukale, and learns about how he could improve Dukale's life and those of other local growers.

Jackman is shown farming and brewing coffee in Ethiopia as he and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, who's also featured in the documentary, talk about the struggles of Ethiopian coffee farmers.

"They wake up and basically the agenda for the day is to get food," Furness is shown saying in an interview.

Jackman adds, "Coffee buyers will come in and offer way below market values, and [the growers] can't afford to go anywhere else."

But the actor says he wants to end the "cycle of poverty" that system creates.

"It's not the way things were meant to be and it's not the way things have to be," Jackman says.

As Dukale explains that his kids will be able to go to school, the trailer ends with Jackman spreading the message of fair-trade coffee.

"This is about livelihoods, this is about change, this is about hope," he says.

Dukale's Dream, directed by Josh Rothstein, opens in select theaters on June 5 before its released on VOD on July 14.

Watch the full trailer below.