Toronto: Hugh Jackman Says He Has No Political Aspirations After Playing Gary Hart in 'The Front Runner'

"Looking into that world, it makes me want to run away further," the 'X-Men' star told a Toronto presser on Saturday.

After playing Democratic politician Gary Hart in Jason Reitman's The Front Runner, Hugh Jackman on Friday revealed he has no aspirations to become a politician in his native Australia, or anywhere.

"Looking into that world, it makes me want to run away further," the X-Men star told a press conference to tout Reitman's film about Hart's 1988 presidential campaign, which was scuttled by reports of the candidate’s sexual misconduct and extra-marital dalliance with Donna Rice.

Jackman observed that, after Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal, every journalist and voter assumes politicians have flaws that need exposing. "Thank God as an actor we don't have that standard, because there wouldn't be many actors left," he added.

The Front Runner screened at Telluride before arriving in Toronto, and was adapted from Matt Bai’s book about the Hart campaign, All the Truth Is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid. Jackman, who knew little about Hart before taking on the role, revealed he spoke to the enigmatic American politician for research.

Without expanding, the actor revealed at one point during their conversations that Hart volunteered his 100-day plan that he would have instituted had he been elected president. "I can categorically tell you it would probably be a different world today if that had happened," Jackman added.

Reitman told the presser he brought The Front Runner to Colorado last week so Gary Hart and his wife, Lee Hart, could view it. "At first I was presuming their reaction would be how complicated it is for him to watch it and to talk about the emotional journey, but their first response was, 'Hugh is so good. He's such a good actor,'" the filmmaker recalled.

Hart at one point also asked if he really spoke like Jackman played him in The Front Runner. "Lee said, 'Yes, that's exactly how you talk," Reitman reported.