Hugh Jackman Injured on Australian 'Oprah' Set

Hugh Jackman - Oprah show in Sydney - 2010
Tosten Blackwood/AFP/Getty Images

Australian actor hurt during taping in Sydney Harbour.

Updated at 2:34 am EST

SYDNEY -- Australian actor Hugh Jackman was injured during the filming of a segment for Oprah Winfrey's Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure on Tuesday, one of two shows scheduled for production in and around the Sydney Opera House.

Jackman was making a dramatic entrance on a flying fox -- a heavy-duty wire set with a harness and handle assembly that slides on wheels -- when he hits the brakes too late and hit some light rigging. He was able to descend, saying that it was worse than playing rugby

The Wolverine star was removed from the set bleeding from underneath his right eye. Winfrey suspended taping for the show for about 10 minutes to ensure that Jackman received proper medical attention. He later returned and carried on with his scheduled interview segment, sporting an adhesive bandage over the wound and a fresh, black eye but appearing otherwise unshaken. In an exhibition of true show-must-go-on spirit, Jackman also participated in a musical production number to close the show.

Winfrey had earlier identified Jackman as one of her favorite Australians. "I like him a lot," she said in a list that also included Baz Luhrmann and Russell Crowe.

The Sydney Opera House shows are two of four installments of Oprah's final season that will be produced from Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure, an eight-day odyssey that has taken the talk show queen around the southern continent, along with 302 audience members from the U.S. and Australia.

The Adventure is part of a partnership between the Oprah show and Tourism Australia, in an effort to boost the number of visitors from the U.S. to the land down under. Late last week, Tourism Australia chief Andrew McEvoy estimated the event had already raked in $17 million worth of coverage for Australia even before Oprah and her entourage had arrived. Shows produced from the trip will air in the U.S. in January.