Harvey Levin's Fox News Show to Profile Hulk Hogan

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Harvey Levin

The show, 'OBJECTified,' premieres Sept. 17.

The first episode of Harvey Levin's new show on Fox News, OBJECTified, actually aired last year, before the show had been given a 10-episode run and made official. And Levin's interview subject, Donald Trump, helped goose ratings by tweeting in December: ".@FoxNews will be re-running 'Objectified: Donald Trump,' the ratings hit produced by the great Harvey Levin of TMZ, at 8:00 P.M. Enjoy!"

Levin's interview guests this season don't have quite the same platform as Trump, but they're heavy-hitters in their own right. In each episode of the show, which premieres Sept. 17, Levin will interview his guests and have them show off seven objects (hence OBJECTified) that have meaning to them and help tell their story.

One newsworthy guest, the ex-wrestler Hulk Hogan, will show off a legal notepad he doodled on while sitting in court for his successful lawsuit against Gawker Media last year. Levin said that Hogan will discuss the case and how it has affected his life for the first time.

Other guests this season include Mark Cuban, Tyler Perry, Martha Stewart, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Judge Judy will be the subject of the show's debut episode. 

In early March, it was reported that Levin visited the White House to meet with President Trump and discuss his desire to book major politicians on his show. But Levin told The Hollywood Reporter that the story wasn't true. 

While his outlet has been described as being pro-administration (the left-leaning publication ThinkProgress called TMZ "America’s most potent pro-Trump media outlet" in June), Levin is openly disappointed with how the first seven and a half months of the Trump administration have gone.

"I've been really disappointed in some of the things I've seen and I didn't quite expect it," Levin said. "I thought this was going to go in a different direction."