Hulk Hogan gets kids game show

Wrestler will play larger-than-life judge on 'Hogan's Court'

TORONTO -- Here comes the judge.

TV celebrity wrestler Hulk Hogan is to play a larger-than-life judge in the new kids live-action game show "Hogan's Court" from indie producers Skywriter Media and Entertainment Group, Positive Productions and Lenz Entertainment.

The Court TV-for-kids concept was created by Christopher Greaves, Asher Lenz and Jason Armstrong, and will feature Hogan presiding over everyday sibling disputes: Is a brother's sneakers fouling the house? Is a sister spending too much time in the bathroom?

"I am really looking forward to developing such an entertaining series with great production partners," Hogan said in a statement about the game show/reality series now in development.

"We want this to be one of those rare shows that kids and their families can watch together, and all find something to laugh about," he added.

The series co-producers plan 26 half-hour episodes for the first season, targeted at an 8-12 age demo.

Skywriter will start shopping Hogans Court for pre-sales at MIPCOM.
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