Hulk Hogan Says "WWE Is the Best," Wants to Be "Trump’s Running Mate"

AP Images/Invision

"Did you hear that? Vice President Hogan."

Hulk Hogan isn't upset with former employer WWE and wants to have a vice presidential run alongside Donald Trump.

The pro wrestler said, "WWE is the best. No doubt" when TMZ asked if he had hard feelings against them after he was let go in July following reports that he went on a racist N-word-filled tirade. He denied any grievances: "No, I love those guys. That's my family."

When he was questioned about being in the ring with current presidential candidates, Hogan said, "I don't want to be in the ring with any candidates. I want to be Trump's running mate."

He continued his thoughts on being a GOP candidate: "Did you hear that? Vice President Hogan." 

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