Hume wins Fox News' election vote


NEW YORK -- Fox News said Tuesday that Brit Hume will lead its election coverage, with the network having major operations in New York and Washington as well as battleground states.

Hume will anchor "Special Report" at 6 p.m. Tuesday from New York, with analysis from "the Beltway Boys" Fred Barnes and Morton Kondracke, Juan Williams, Bill Kristol and Michael Barone. "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace will examine exit polls.

Chief political correspondent Carl Cameron will cover the Senate races with Major Garrett reporting on the House and Megyn Kendall on key gubernatorial races, all from Washington.

Fox News executive producer of political programming Marty Ryan said Tuesday that Barone, a columnist for U.S. News & World Report and an expert on the congressional races, will be part of the Decision Desk to analyze the 435 races. Ryan said Barone's expertise "will give viewers a good inside knowledge."

Because the network -- like all the others -- won't have exit-poll data until 5 p.m. EST, Ryan said Fox News again will do its own polling in seven states on Election Day. The polling, done by Opinion Dynamics, has been done since 2000.

"Because there's been uncertainty with both VNS (Voters News Service) and NEP (National Election Pool), it's been an insurance policy for us," Ryan said.

Fox gets started earlier in the week with an 8 p.m. Sunday "You Decide 2006" hosted by Hume followed by 9 p.m. EST's special live edition of "Hannity & Colmes." "Fox Online" will be live in Ohio on Monday and Tuesday with anchor Bill Hemmer; "Live Desk" will be live the same days with anchor Martha MacCallum from Scranton, Pa.

Election Night also will be covered online, with partnering with RealClearPolitics for analysis and creating an Election Tracker with user-customized data. Fox News Radio also will cover the election live with Jon Scott and others.