Hundreds Rally at Berkeley to Protest Ann Coulter's Canceled Appearance

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Protesters gather at Berkeley.

THR was on the scene as peaceful protesters gathered in support of the conservative commentator, who was forced to cancel her appearance at UC Berkeley after threats of violence.

Ann Coulter landed in San Francisco at 3 p.m. Thursday, despite her UC Berkeley appearance being canceled, and discovered through texts from allies at the campus that her fans vastly outnumbered those who showed up to protest her.

"Ten-to-one," Coulter said as she exited the plane after arriving in San Francisco. "Who has a better idea of what it’s going to be like than the person who’s going there as opposed to the moron sitting in Washington? Please call and get a comment from the p------ at [Young Americas Foundation]. I knew it."

"We would not agree," YAF vice president Andrew Coffin responded.

Video of Coulter below was supplied by a film crew in town making No Safe Spaces, a documentary about political correctness at American universities that stars Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager.

YAF, one of Coulter’s sponsors, canceled Coulter’s speech, saying earlier this week that they had no confidence that the UC Berkeley Police Department could protect her or her audience.

Meanwhile, about 40 miles away, Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes was speaking on campus, reading a portion of the speech Coulter had planned to deliver while cops in riot gear stood nearby and left-wing agitators squared off with those who are pro-Coulter, pro-President Donald Trump.

A helicopter circled overhead and the protest was far more subdued than authorities had expected. There were no Molotov cocktails or bricks through windows, as was the case in February when Milo Yiannopoulos attempted a speech at Berkeley.

"Where's Ann? At a spa?" a left-wing protester shouted across the street to a group of 300 or so right-wingers.

"Liberal snowflake!" they shouted back.

"I'm a Marxist, not a liberal," the man responded.

And so it went, with cops almost never needing to intervene. When one man from the liberal side of the street was arrested, he shouted obscenities and proclaimed his privilege of free speech. Authorities on the scene declined to say what crime he was accused of.

While rumors spread that Coulter would appear on campus to greet supporters and confront detractors, she steered clear. She is, though, speaking to a Republican group on Friday in nearby Modesto, where 50 cops will protect her from expected rioters who insiders say are being bused in from various places in the state.

Instead of going to UC Berkeley, Coulter hung out at the home of Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal who spoke in favor of Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention last year.

Coulter wrapped up her Thursday with an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, then she dined at a secret location with some friends and a producer of No Safe Spaces.

"I wouldn’t pay to send my kids to a place that can’t get its shit together long enough to allow someone with a dissenting opinion to give a weeknight speech to a group of harmless political nerds from the College Republicans," said Carolla, who did not accompany the film crew to Berkeley.