'Hung' Co-Star Charlie Saxton Discusses the Pressures of Read-Throughs (Video)

The actor also reveals who may be returning to the HBO show in the upcoming third season.

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Charlie Saxton, who plays Damon Drecker on the HBO comedy, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday at Usher's pre-Grammy party at the Avalon in Hollywood about what's coming up on Season 3. Though the second season ended in September, Saxton (who showed up wearing a Save Ferris shirt, promoting the ska band whose name was inspired by the John Hughes movie) revealed that the cast and crew is gearing up for its first table read in the coming weeks -- a "family reunion," as he calls it.

But the length of the read-throughs vary.

"It depends on how many episodes you do, so for the first one, we do three," Saxton says. "You figure, a half an hour per episode, it'd be an hour and a half."

That's not to say nerves don't start getting the best of you.

"We don't stop or anything, but it's very intimidating because you sit at this big, huge table and you're sitting next to Anne Heche, Thomas Jane. That's intimidating enough," he says. "But then it's all the heads of HBO, all the people who sign your paychecks, all the people who determine your fate ever are just watching you."

"Some of the times, you're getting the scripts for the first time so you're reading and saying them as you're literally looking at them, so it's very hard and it's very confusing," Saxton continues.

As a series grows, changes are bound to be made, and one of them includes co-star Eddie Jemison (Ronnie Haxon) no longer appearing as a regular in the upcoming season.

"I don't know if he's coming back for episodes or what .. hopefully because I love working with the guy, but yeah, it's a downer," he said, adding that "all the elements were against Ronnie, unfortunately."

Watch the full interview below: