Camerawoman For Right-Wing Hungarian News Network Fired for Kicking, Tripping Refugees


Videos show the videographer kicking a man and woman in the knees and tripping a man running with a little boy in his arms.

A camerawoman employed by the Hungary's ultra-nationalist N1TV network has been fired after other reporters recorded her kicking and tripping refugees, including children, as they fled from police at a collection point at the Serbian border.

The majority of the refugees gathered at the collection point near are trying to gain asylum in Germany or other northern European countries after fleeing war in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Videos taken by numerous photojournalists and videographers on Sept. 8 show the camerawoman, Petra Laszlo, kicking a young man and teenage girl in the knees as they ran near her. 

Laszlo was also captured filming and then tripping a man who was running with a young boy in his arms. The man fell down on the ground, landing on top of the child. As the boy cries, seemingly in pain, Laszlo continues to film them as the man leaps from the ground cursing at her.

The video and photographs almost immediately went viral after being posted on social media, trending on Twitter and becoming a favorite on YouTube.

Szabolcs Kisberk, channel editor for N1TV said in a statement that Laszlo's employment had been "terminated with immediate effect," also adding that she had "behaved unacceptably." The majority of N1TV's content focuses on the work of the right-wing Jobbik party, which advocates for the deportation of all immigrants.

Left-wing opposition parties are calling for criminal charges against Laszlo. Both Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcny's Democratic Coalition and Dialogue for Hungary planned to report Laszlo to police, in an effort to have her arrested for assault. Timea Szabo of Dialogue for Hungary called her actions "the pits of human behavior."

Hungary's position toward the asylum seekers has been notoriously unwelcoming, with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban asserting in a German newspaper that he was determined to secure the borders of his country in an effort "to keep Europe Christian."

The clash between the asylum seekers and the police resulted from days of tensions at the collection point for the border crossing. At the field near Roszke, migrants are held by police and instructed them to wait for buses that will take them to a refugee registration camp. The buses come infrequently, leaving hundreds of migrants stranded for hours and sometimes overnight without food or shelter. In recent days, the refugees have pushed through the police lines to head north on foot to Budapest.

Neither Laszlo nor N1TV immediately responded to The Hollywood Reporter's request for comment.