Hungarian Camerawoman Who Tripped Refugees Plans to Sue Facebook, Refugee

Petra Laszlo - H 2015

Petra Laszlo is also considering relocating to Russia with her family due to the backlash.

Petra Laszlo, a camerawoman who stirred up controversy after kicking and tripping refugees in Hungary as they fled from police, has said she will sue Facebook and Osama Abdul Mohsen, a Syrian refugee who fell to the ground alongside his child after she tripped him.

"One thing we know for sure is that we will sue Facebook," she said in an interview with the Russian daily Izvestia. "We believe that Facebook played a big role in my situation. It helped to turn people against me."

Laszlo claimed that Facebook didn't respond to her request to delete groups calling for violence against her, while groups created in her support were deleted.

"We will also prove that [Mohsen] was wrong," Laszlo said. "He changed his testimony after initially blaming a police officer. My husband is determined to prove my innocence. For him it's a matter of honor now."

"I can say for sure that my life is ruined," she said  "Now, for instance, I'm unlikely to find a job and continue to do the work I love. After my trial, we are going to move to another country. [My family and me] are considering Russia and we think that we'll begin learning Russian."

Laszlo earned international notoriety last month, when footage emerged of her kicking and tripping refugees, including children, as they fled from police at the Serbian border.

She was subsequently fired from her job at Hungary's ultra-nationalist N1TV network and now she awaits trial on hooliganism charges.

Laszlo told Izvestia that a commission appointed specifically for considering her case is demanding a punishment of seven years in prison, but she believes such a harsh punishment is unlikely.

"For a crime like that, the maximum sentence is three years," she said. "But, according to my lawyer, I could get a suspended sentence of up to 18 months."

Laszlo's trial is tentatively scheduled for December.