Hungarian Film Fund to Support Hungarian/Swedish/French Co-Prod

Bálint Kenyeres' "Hier" to begin shooting in Morocco this fall.

MOSCOW -- The Hungarian Film Fund, the country’s new agency administering state support for the film industry, will provide $690,000 (150 million forints) for the film Hier to be directed by first-time feature director Bálint Kenyeres.

The coproduction, produced by Hungary’s Cameo Film, France’s Les Films de L'Apres-midi and Sweden’s Bob Film, will also have backing from the Hungarian Ministry of National Resources, CNC France, MEDIA and Sweden’s Film i Vast.

Hier, the first full-length feature by Kenyeres, a EFA short film award winner, is to have an international cast including Maurice Benichou, Jesper Christensen, Vlad Ivanov, Nastassja Kinski and Stellan Skarsgard.

The movie is to combine a film noir-style investigation with an exploration of altered states of consciousness, focusing on the story of 50-year-old Otto Ganz, the owner of a thriving building and civil engineering company that operates worldwide. One day he has to travel to North Africa to deal with some urgent issues and there, Ganz is confronted with memories of his youth, which he had tried to forget for many years.

The shooting of the $3.3 million feature is scheduled to brgin in Morocco in the fall of 2012.