Hungarian Film Week to Go Ahead

Ministry of National Resources to support the country's threatened main national film event, to run in early May.


MOSCOW -- Following several months of uncertainty about the future of the Hungarian Film Week, the country's main national film event has been finally scheduled for early May.

The 42nd edition of the event, originally expected to be held in late January and early February 2011, was cancelled early this year when the budget of the Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (MMKA), which used to administer state funding for the film industry and ran the HFW, was dramatically cut.

Now MMKA has announced on its web site that the Hungarian Film Week is still going to be held this year, from May 5 to 8, thanks to support from the Ministry of National Resources.

Currently, the selection committee is reviewing more than 400 local films and co-productions submitted for consideration, including 28 feature films, 95 shorts, 60 animation films and 147 documentaries.

The lineup is expected to be announced closer to the event's dates.

Meanwhile, it is not yet clear what happened to plans to turn the HFW into an international film festival, which were mentioned last year by Zoltan Korosi, MMKA's new president.