Hungarian Film Week may expand internationally

There are plans to open up festival to foreign films, int'l jury

MOSCOW -- The Hungarian Film Week, the country's national film festival, which was held for the 41st time early this year, could be transformed into an international event.

According to Zoltan Kőrosi, the new president of the Hungarian Motion Picture Association (MMKA), there are plans to open up the festival to foreign films and to add an international jury.

"There is understanding that a Hungarian film is hardly ever produced without a foreign partner, and the Film Week that is focused only [on domestic fare] doesn't make much sense," Kőrosi told the Hungarian online magazine Film Hu, adding that MMKA plans to introduce a panorama section that would be focused on Central European cinema and to add an international jury.

MMKA's president said that at this point it is not yet clear whether the changes are to take effect at the Hungarian Film Week's 42nd edition, scheduled to run in the first week of February 2011, but he stressed that some changes are to be expected, and next year's event is to become "a transitional one."

The Hungarian Film Week could also move to a new venue or spread to more film theaters, so that it could target more regular filmgoers, as opposed to primarily industry crowds, as it has been the case in recent years, Kőrosi said.
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