Hungary selects 'Bibliotheque' for Oscar bid

Writer/director Szabolcs Hajdu's 'Bibliotheque Pascal'

MOSCOW -- The Hungarian Selection Committee for Academy Awards Entry has named "Bibliotheque Pascal" by writer/director Szabolcs Hajdu as the country's entry in the race for the best foreign language Oscar.

"Bibliotheque Pascal," co-produced by Hungary and Germany, is Hajdu's fifth full-length feature.

Last February, the movie won the Golden Reel main prize at the 41st Hungarian Film Week, as well as the Gene Moskowitz Prize awarded by the foreign critics and Student Jury's Main Prize.

The Film Week's Best Cinematography Prize went to its DOP Andras Nagy.

The elaborately shot drama, which focuses on surreal adventures by the main character, Mona, who has to tell her life story to a social worker to regain custody of her daughter, was screened at several international festivals, including Berlin International Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival and Sarajevo Film Festival where it collected the Cineuropa Award and CICAE's Prize.