'Hunger Games: Catching Fire': Designer Iris van Herpen May Have a Hand in Katniss's Wedding Gown (Video)


Lady Gaga's favorite couturier shows her Spring 2013 couture in Paris and launches an RTW line, amid rumors of her involvement in Katniss's fiery wedding dress.

We’ve heard buzz in Hollywood that Iris van Herpen -- probably the most innovative and creative fashion designer you’ve never heard of -- is involved in designing at least one costume for Hunger Games: Catching Fire. BAFTA-nominated costume designer Trish Summerville (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) is the head costume designer on the film. The wedding dress is designed by Cinna (played by Lenny Kravitz) for Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), and when she twirls, the dress goes up in flames and turns into a mockingjay, the symbol of the rebellion in Suzanne Collins's dystopic YA trilogy, upon which the films are based.

Could van Herpen be the designer behind the dress that bursts into fire? An inside source on the movie says van Herpen is indeed working on one costume for the film, but didn't confirm which one. After seeing her dresses made to look like splashes of water, the fiery dress does sound right up her alley.

Belgian-born Herpen, who interned with Alexander McQueen and just showed her Spring 2013 couture line in Paris on Jan. 21, is fascinated by the elements: water, air or smoke. To give you an idea of her inspirations, her past collections have been named Chemical Crows, Crystalization, Hybrid Holism, Radiation Invasion, Escapism Couture, Synesthesia and Mummification.

For her Spring 2013 couture collection – called Voltage – the avant-garde designer captures lightning in clothing, explaining in her run-of-show that she was “inspired by a childhood dream, a desire to understand, control and re-create lightning.”

The designs are the first 3D-printed flexible dresses with an electrostatic life of their own -- in other words, clothing that vibrates, shimmers and moves. To see more detailed photos, click here.

Probably only her celebrity fans -- Lady Gaga and Icelandic performance artist/singer Bjork -- will wear her unclassifiable, elaborate, three-dimensional, often lethal-looking couture designs.

But Hepren is now launching her first ready-to-wear line, a grouping of 12 outfits called Phy-tha-go-rash.

The name is based on a book by Dutch artist Bruno Ernst, which is based on the mathematical art of trompe l'oeil genius M.C. Escher called Trees of Pythagoras. If you can summon up your high-school geometry, you'll recall that the Pythagorean Theory is named for the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who is credited with discovering and proving the theory.

Prices for the ready-to-wear line will range from knitwear at $775 to dresses costing $7,120. You can check out the looks on her website. Herpen has also collaborated with United Nude on a line of shoes. Standouts include boots with fanged heels.