'Hunger Games' Producers to Adapt Donna Tartt's 'The Goldfinch'

Nina Jacobson

Nina Jacobson and her Color Force execs are attached to develop the novel as a feature or mini-series.

The producers behind The Hunger Games are going from dystopian future to modern-day Dickensian adventure.

Nina Jacobson and her Color Force production company are attached to adapt The Goldfinch, the best-selling novel by Donna Tartt, either as a feature or a TV mini-series, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

Goldfinch is only the third novel by the author of 1992’s The Secret History, which sold over five million copies, as well as 2002’s The Little Friend. Past attempts to adapt Secret History were unsuccessful, so Jacobson could be in for a long haul. What might make the process longer is that sources tell THR that Tartt has power to sign off on creative issues, even deciding whether an adaptation should be in the mediums of film or TV.

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TV could be her preferred route. Last year, THR revealed that ICM, which reps the author, was shopping it to networks and studios as a potential mini-series, due to the dense nature of the book.

Goldfinch is a Dickensian adventure about a boy who loses his mother in a museum bombing, steals a painting (The Goldfinch painted by Carel Fabritius in 1654)  and then spends his adulthood trying to unravel its mystery. Along the way he gets adopted by a wealthy Park Avenue family, moves to Las Vegas, befriends a colorful Ukrainian, binges on drugs and enters the antiques business with the partner of another of the bombing’s victims and chases the mystery of the painting and his family’s past to Amsterdam. 

Andy Lewis contributed to this report.

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