'Hunger Games' Trailer Sparks Strong Reaction From Fans of the Book Series

Hunger Games - Movie Still: BTS Jennifer Lawrence - H - 2011

The Lionsgate trailer, which premieres on Monday, was quickly compared and contrasted with the beloved book trilogy by Suzanne Collins.

The first full-length trailer for The Hunger Games premiered on Good Morning America yesterday. Once the video hit the internet, fans of the Suzanne Collins novels rushed to view the first real look at the highly anticipated Lionsgate film, starring Jennifer Lawrence.

Overall, movie buffs had favorable reactions to the first trailer, which shows Katniss (Lawrence) volunteering for the deadly Hunger Games in order to save her younger sister. Viewers got to watch Katniss prepare for the games, and the final moments of the trailer show the 24 Tributes entering the arena.

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Viewers had plenty to say about the first trailer. Fans of the book trilogy spoke out about the casting choices in the Gary Ross-helmed film, and also discussed how closely the picture mirrors the books.

“Has everyone seen the Hunger Games trailer? I have. Thrice. I plan on preordering my midnight showing tkt and dressing in full Gale costume,” wrote actress and model Brooklyn Decker.

Amy Louise Urwin: “Just watched the Hunger Games trailer for the second time today. Gives me chills everytime."

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Hannah R: ”I've watched the Hunger Games trailer at least 10 times. Things that reduce me to nothing every single time: ‘I volunteer as Tribute.’"

Jennifer Stevenson: “Can't stop watching The Hunger Games trailer. I'm just a few views away from making a shrieking & crying youtube reaction video.”

alex zander: “holy crap the new hunger games trailer is AWESOME. seems so much like the real book.”

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Ang: “Anyone seen The Running Man? Did the trailer for The Hunger Games remind you of that concept at all? Just me?”

Sean C. Luther: “little surprised at how good the Hunger Games trailer looks. Did not enjoy the books as much as I thought, but the movie looks captivating”

Jazzy Jess: “After watching the new trailer for the Hunger Games film..my fear that Peeta was miscast is confirmed.”

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C.J. Darlington: "Who saw the new Hunger Games trailer? What did you think? I was amazed. Seemed so close to the book. Epic."

Ally: "Just watched The Hunger Games trailer. I can't even. It's amazing. Everything I pictured in the book is correctly shown in the movie"

Shannon May Jusman: "The new 'hunger games' trailer portrays the book even better."

Ann Howard: "Hunger Games trailer = book coming alive before my eyes. Absolutely phenomenal. Cannot wait for 3.23.12!"

Watch the full Hunger Games trailer here.