'Hungry Ghosts' opening Rotterdam fest

Michael Imperioli's directorial debut will screen Jan. 21

LONDON -- The 38th International Film Festival Rotterdam will open with the world premiere of "The Hungry Ghosts," organizers said Wednesday.

The movie marks the directorial debut of scriptwriter, theater director and actor Michael Imperioli, already a famous face from his role as Christopher Moltisanti in the HBO series "The Sopranos."

IFFR opens Jan. 21 and runs through Feb. 1. The film, set in New York and its surroundings in a period of 36 hours, contains several narrative lines. In one of these, late-night radio host Frank gambles and uses drugs at the expense of his teenage son. In another, philosophical seeker Gus, fresh out of a detox program, searches for his ex-lover Nadia. It becomes clear that their stories will come together in the end.