Simone Biles and Team USA Take on Jimmy Fallon in New 'Tonight Show' Game

Final Five on Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show - Publicity - H 2016
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Donald Glover and the Final Five played the new "Hungry Hungry Humans" on Tuesday night.

Jimmy Fallon invited some Olympic athletes to help introduce his new Tonight Show game, "Hungry Hungry Humans."

A giant version of Hungry Hungry Hippos, the game pits teams of two against one another. The Roots' Tariq teamed with Atlanta's Donald Glover; Fallon with Simone Biles; Aly Raisman with Laurie Hernandez; and Gabby Douglas with Madison Kocian

The players rolled around on the "game board" trying to capture balls under their teams' buckets in a much larger version of the Hippos game everyone grew up with. 

In the end, the Final Five did pretty well, with Glover and Tariq coming in last place and the Raisman/Hernandez team taking the gold medal.

Fallon could barely make it off the game board. "We bronzed out, that’s the way we do it," the host insisted, saying that he and Biles "threw it" for the other gymnasts. 

Watch the game below.