"Hungry for Power Games": Stephen Colbert Faces Off With Security at DNC

Stephen Colbert DNC — H 2016

"The air is thick with Bernie's crushed dreams."

Stephen Colbert's Julius Flickerman went to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week as he continued his "Hungry for Power Games" segment.

"Here at the DNC all lifestyles are welcome," said Colbert, "Be you gay, straight or pain in the ass." He pointed to the "gluten-free zone sign."

Colbert peppered in jokes about Bernie Sanders, walking over to the concession stands and saying "You'll never find Bernie Sanders here" and then laughing at his own wordplay of "concession."

After he entered the arena, he took a deep breath. "The air is thick with Bernie's crushed dreams," said Colbert, likening it to a "musk hanging in the air." Then he looked down at his sidekick Caligula and realizes that smell is the animal. Colbert also checked out, and marveled at, the acoustics in the room by practicing the "Lock Her Up" chant from the RNC.

But the highlight of the video was his desperate attempt to get onstage. He did everything from showing off his "podium pass" to calling Nancy Pelosi to singing, but the DNC security was not having it. Last week in Cleveland, Colbert seemingly had a much easier time getting onto the RNC stage.

Finally, while filming a promo for CBS' affiliates, Colbert broke through to the stage triumphantly.

"God bless freedom of the press," he proclaimed on stage. "God bless the Democratic National Committee, God bless podiums!"

He was escorted off stage and said, "I'm not one to gloat, but I won."

After the segment aired, the Late Show host said none of the antics were staged and shared a 360 degree view of his stage-crashing on Facebook.