Hurricane Irene: What Hollywood Is Saying On Twitter

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

As the East Coast preps for the storm, the industry has taken to social media to offer tips, jokes and concern.

Broadway has been shut down, hundreds of flights have been cancelled, and many areas along the Eastern coastline including New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina are being evacuated due to the approaching onslaught of Hurricane Irene.

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In true-to-life fashion, much of the entertainment industry has taken to Twitter to comment on the destructive storm. 

Comedian Jeffrey Ross started a back-and-forth joke war after  tweeting, “I feel really bad for people named Irene. #Irene What up, Jersey??”

Musician Josh Groban responded by saying "I feel equally bad for guys named El Niño." 

To which, Ross replied, "Yeah, tell that to my Aunt Katrina. #irene"

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"Broadway goes dark because of Hurricane Irene? Wow, there's a silver lining even to a hurricane-sized dark cloud!" sniped Bones creator Hart Hanson.

Actress Olivia Munn offered words of concern, writing, "Got out of NY before the hurricane... Hope everyone who's there is somewhere safe. Seriously, yo. Get outta dodge or find a boat."

"I'm pretty sure my house is going to be flooded sunday, wrote Anderson Cooper, who also balked at a follower who asked if he planned to evacuate, saying "Evacuate? This is my city."

 Alysaa Milano took to tweeting storm information like JFK's airport closure, and also asked her followers "Everyone okay over there on the east coast?"

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"If you find the need to evacuate for the impending Irene..PLEASE take your pets.......and of course your kids....LEAVE bad lovers behind..;)," joked Kirstie Alley.

Real Housewives of New York's Jill Zarin, started tweeting preparedness tips after saying "Everyone calling me and scaring me. I pray this is fire drill and not going to be bad. Closing subways in NYC? Buses too." 

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Keith Olbermann seemed to be less afraid, telling his followers, "And for those asking, I am not evacuating. I do not live in a low-lying area and I have several options in case of real trouble."

Late Show with David Letterman producer Eric Stangel took a shot at CNN personality Nancy Grace joking "National Weather Service thinks #HurricaneIrene has potential to be so insane they're changing name to #HurricaneNancyGrace"

Bravo exec Andy Cohen said yes to a follower who asked about a prop from his Watch What Happens Live show, "If Irene kills you can I have the rainbow encyclopedias from the WWHL set?" 

While CNN's Wolf Blitzer, who flew back from vacation to cover the hurricane, took time to praise his colleagues, writing, "Great @CNNSitRoom today. On delayed jetBlue flight, watched @JoeJohnsCNN anchor solid #Irene reporting. Made me proud of our team."