Hurricane Irene: Hollywood Reacts

Christopher Polk/Getty Images
Alec Baldwin

Kim Kardashian, Alec Baldwin and Josh Duhamel are among those weighing in on the storm, which is on course to hit the East Coast on Saturday.

With Hurricane Irene barreling full-speed ahead and set to hit the East Coast sometime Saturday, many of Hollywood's tweeters have taken to their accounts to offer support, info and in some cases, jokes.

“#HurricaneIrene,clearly named after an angry Irene Cara, is taking revenge for the topless video shot of her in the film Fame,” head writer and executive producer of Late Show with David Letterman Justin Stangel joked on his account.

Alec Baldwin seemed to take a defiant tone with the storm, quoting a scene from Shakespeare’s King Lear, “Enter LEAR and Fool. Lear. Blow, winds, andcrack your cheeks! rage! blow! You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout.”

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“Yes, that is 'Come on Eileen' as we go to break. Or, as we've been calling it around the office: 'Come on Irene,'" the Twitter account for Piers Morgan Tonight wrote.

Kim Kardashian took time out from her honeymoon to send well wishes: “I hope everyone on the East Coast is safe! I heard the weather is crazy!”

Comedian Andy Borowitz took to his Twitter account to make jokes about the large media coverage, saying, “Hurricane Irene has an amazing publicist.”

“My heart goes out to everyone affected by #HurricaneIrene. Praying for your safety,” wrote Josh Duhamel.

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“For those about to weather Irene, take it from me and leave town. Go get a hotel somewhere. A nice one. Hang by the pool. #perfectexcuse,” joked musician Marc Broussard.

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg took to his account to give New Yorkers updates, writing, “Know your zone. Have a plan.  #Irene Shelters in #nyc will be open at 4 pm on Friday for people evacuating from low-lying areas.”

“If you planned to go to the shore this weekend, don't go. #irene,” said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who later added, “As I said earlier, we are asking people already at theshore to begin to leave immediately. #irene

Time Magazine even got into the fray, cautioning against panic, “Okay, Internet. Let's listen to the nice people at NOAA before we panic about hurricane season.”