Hurricane Irene: New Yorkers React to the Hype

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Alec Baldwin tweeted a power outage and broken window in his new Soho apartment; Bethenny Frankel lost power in the Hamptons.

Hurricane Irene slowly moved its way up the east coast Saturday night, and met New York in the morning as a tropical storm. The city that never sleeps was systematically shut down all night—subway out of service, building elevators shut off expecting major flooding across the island. And while some were affected with power outages and flooded basements, New Yorkers were left feeling a mix of emotions as the storm passed: thankful, disappointed, bored. Just like they did after the earthquake earlier this week, people are taking to facebook and twitter to share their personal accounts.

New mom and daughter of Donald TrumpIvanka Trumptweeted: "In my daughter's 6 weeks of life, she has already experienced an #earthquake & a #hurricane! After all this, the average rain storm should feel pretty uneventful.

Meghan Blalock, a writer from Alabama who now lives in NYC, tweeted: "Only NYers would complain about #Irene not being big + bad enough. A hurricane ain't a new Coen brothers film. It's better to feel nothing."

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Bethenny Frankel apparently couldn't sleep through the storm out in the Hamptons, and reported that a tree that was knocked over took out the power in her home. She also tweeted photos of a lifeguard stand that had been blown a mile away from it's original spot on the beach: "Holy balls"

Others ignored the advice of Mayor Michael Bloomberg to stay indoors and tweeted pictures from downtown Manhattan, now slightly underwater:

Julie Shapiro discovered that Water Street in the Financial Disrict was living up to it's name. She tweeted a photo: "Water Street. Literally."

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Christina Dalit stepped outside of her apartment building at 23rd Street and Avenue C in Manhattan and found several trees had been uprooted. She began tweeting pictures of the mess: "Oh, hey...this happened. #Irene."

On facebook, musician Kyle Saulnier reacted to an early report that only one person was left without electricity in Manhattan: "NY1 reports ONE (1) customer without power in Manhattan. Really, guys? One? If that's true, THAT'S your story right there."

Alec Baldwin, who just moved into a new apartment in Soho with his girlfriend, Hilaria Thomas, 27, apparently lost electricity, among some other minor storm damage he encountered. He tweeted, "Lots of limbs down. No flooding. 1 window blew out of sun room. Only problem is power's out. I can't play Mayor's Hurricane Bunker on Wii."

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Comedian Jim Gaffigan, however, tweeted that the storm didn’t live up to the hype: "Hey @aplusk that Hurricane Irene was the best episode of “Punk’d” ever."

Hari Kunzru followed suit on his twitter: "BREAKING #Irene revealed as viral marketing stunt by Duracell, Mag-lite and Poland Spring."

Comedian Andy Borowitz tweeted a jab at both the Weather Channel and Fox News: "If the Weather Channel loses any more credibility it will be Fox. #irene."