Hurricane Irene’s Death Toll Rises According to Latest News Coverage

Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

The AP, NPR, ABC News and BBC are among outlets confirming that the storm, which has caused flooding throughout the East Coast, claimed 40 victims so far.

In the wake of the weekend’s hurricane, flooding throughout parts of the East Coast has become a serious issue, riaising the storm’s death toll to 40.

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The destruction spans seven states, with Vermont experiencing the worst flooding in 14 years, ABC News reports. Fifteen Irene-related deaths have been reported in the New York tristate area, seven in New Jersey, six in New York and two in Connecticut. North Carolina has also recored six deaths. CNN reports that 3.3 million people are still without power.

NPR, the AP and the BBC also issued their own reports on the storm's casualties.

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On Monday, Newark, N.J. Mayor, Cory Booker appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight to discuss the damage his city has suffered. When asked if he thought the media’s coverage of the storm had been overhyped, Booker quoted rapper Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” saying “For us, still in the trenches trying to help people out, there’s a song that goes, ‘I’ve got 99 problems’ and that’s not one.”

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The Weather Channel’s extensive coverage of the storm gave it a Friday night ratings win. It ranked number one in both viewers (an average of 2.45 million tuned in) and the 25-54 demographic among cable channels.

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