Hurricane Sandy: Celebrities Prepare for the Storm

Piers Morgan

"He came off like the slightly crazy uncle at the Christmas party who's had one too many sherries and doesn't quite get it."

From Snooki to Piers Morgan, boldfaced names on the East Coast stay put amid the wind and rain.

Celebrities caught in the path of Hurricane Sandy are hunkering down as the storm strikes the East Coast.

New Jersey dwellers Snooki and her fiance Jionni LaVelle are sitting out the storm with their two-month old son, Lorenzo.

"Lorenzo's first storm! Holding him tight," Snooki tweeted Monday morning. The MTV reality star also retweeted a malicious message from a critic who wrote: "Well at least hopefully Hurricane Sandy will wash away @snooki & the rest of the Jersey Shore pukes. #GoSandy!" Her response: "So mean."

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Meanwhile, Snooki's former Jersey Shore castmate Deena Cortese live-tweeted the damage to her family home.

"A tree just came down and loosened our gutter now my dads outside in this mess trying to fix it #Sandy #blows," wrote Cortese, whose dog was otherwise prepared for Sandy as evidenced by this photo.

Elsewhere among MTV reality stars, Lo Bosworth (formerly of The Hills and now of Manhattan) tweeted Monday: "Last minute store run - lines are still 45 ppl deep." To which ex-castmate Lauren Conrad replied, "Take cover girl!"

Joy Behar, co-host of ABC's The View, also weighed in on her pre-Sandy activities, writing: "Everything is cancelled. I'm in my pajamas cooking. I already made meatloaf and baked rigatoni. Stay safe & stay dry."

(Behar apparently ignored New York Mayor Bloomberg's advice to grab a sandwich "out of the fridge" and "watch TV.")

It's business as usual for CNN's Piers Morgan, who wrote: "Going live at 9pm ET and Midnight from CNN's NYC bureau - and then, presumably, sleeping on my office couch."

Bravo's Andy Cohen braved the outdoors, tweeting about the unlikely activity at a gym in Manhattan's West Village. "ALERT: Equinox on Greenwich Ave is packed. Lines for treadmills!" he said.

Cohen's fellow Bravo-lebrity Bethenny Frankel nervously awaited Sandy's arrival.

"Is anyone else stress eating Halloween candy? An almond snickers is quite lovely in a storm," the former Real Housewife confessed.

Singer/activist/New Yorker Bette Midler, who baked macarons in anticipation of Sandy, felt the stress as well. Quoth she: "Gotta go fill the tub. I am exhausted. Hope Sandy doesn't do too much damage. Global warming costs big bucks!!!"

Ivanka Trump was apparently staying in Manhattan, too. The daughter of The Donald posted an Instagram image of rainy Fifth Avenue and gave her followers a history lesson.

"The phrase 'hunkered down' comes from scandinavian word, huka, to crouch and was popularized in the US by Pres Johnson," she wrote from a gilded tower in the sky (or not).

Honey Boo Boo's mother, June, was purportedly safe from Frankenstorm's wrath but is nonetheless taking credit for the tropical storm, which has made landfall in Mid-Atlantic states and southern New Jersey.

"THAT WASN'T HURRICANE SANDY THAT WAS ME SNEEZING," she joked, prompting a flurry of retweets.

And native Long Islander Lindsay Lohan, who has clearly read The Secret (but has she really?), imparted this gem of wisdom on Sunday night: "WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i'm calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace."

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