Hurricane Sandy: New York City to Resume Issuing Permits for Exterior Shoots

A Submerged Manhattan

Avenue C and 14th street were underwater as Hurricane Sandy hit Manhattan on Monday night.

The city will continue to withhold permits for areas severely affected by the storm.

With Hurricane Sandy recovery and relief efforts ongoing, the city of New York will begin issuing permits for exterior production shoots on Monday, Nov. 5.

Many productions have already begun rolling again at their studios including CBS’ Blue Bloods and The Good Wife, which film at Broadway Stages in Grennpoint, Brooklyn, and midseason series The Carrie Diaries and The Following, which shoot at Steiner Studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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But the city had revoked or suspended permits for exterior locations shoots as the worst storm to hit the region in nearly a century destroyed homes and property up and down the coast lines of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Exterior permits will not be issued for areas severly affected by the storm.

“The City’s first priority right now is helping all New Yorkers recover in the aftermath of the storm,” read a statement from Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office of film and entertianment. “As the City continues to get back on its feet, we are encouraging productions to film in those areas throughout the five boroughs that were not as badly affected by the storm. New York crews are known for their can-do attitudes, and the City offers a wealth of location options for productions. We’re confident that the TV shows and feature films that call New York City home will take this temporary adjustment in stride."

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The resumption of exterior permits comes as shock and sadness has given way to frustration. Millions of people are still without power in tri-state area including most of lower Manhattan. Drivers are waiting for hours on gas lines while police have been called to multiple skirmishes at pumps in New York and New Jersey. And Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to go ahead with Sunday’s New York City Marathon is sparking widespread outrage, although he has promised that the race will not divert resources from the ongoing recovery efforts.

The 26.2 mile race wends through New York’s five boroughs and begins in Staten Island, which took the brunt of the storm and half of the city’s 40 casualties. 

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