Husband Writes Over 10,000 Love Letters to His Wife

Love_Letters_Couple_ABC_Still - H 2015
Courtesy of ABC

Love_Letters_Couple_ABC_Still - H 2015

"Thank you for being you and loving me," one of the 10,000 cards reads.

Pull out a box of tissues.

Bill Bresnan and his wife, Kristen, have been married for 38 years this March, and for each day of their real-life love story, Bill has written Kris a love letter. In their near 40-year relationship, Bill has penned over 10,000 love letters to his wife, whom he dotingly describes as a "gorgeous, European blonde."

At the age of 74, the loving husband continues to put his heart on paper for his 74-year-old bride. Even when the couple travels, Bill writes letters in advance or sends postcards to his wife so that a night is never missed.

"I would be so heartbroken if there was a night when I didn't get a card," Kristen told ABC News.

In their nearly 40 years of marriage, Bresnan says the couple has never fought. "We might disagree on something, but we talk about it rather than argue."

The New Jersey couple met in a class that Bill taught, and the letters started as sweet nothings on coffee napkins when the couple began commuting together on the train to the same town out of Long Island. Each letter is saved, organized and stored by date in 25 boxes in the Bresnan's home.

"I am about to start getting rid of them, I think, because I don't want someone else to have to take care of them and get rid of them for us, " Kris said as her husband held back tears. "But I won't get rid of them without reading every one of them."

Of the thousands of cards Bresnan addressed to his wife, his favorite is a birthday series: 50 cards that he wrote the 50 days prior to her half-century celebration.

"If the world knows how I feel about this woman, maybe, maybe some of them will say 'Gee, why aren't I doing that?'" Bill said, adding "'Why am I focusing on all the minutiae and nonsense instead of focusing on what's real?' This is real."

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