'Husbands' Co-Creators on Moving to The CW Seed and Future Beyond Season 3

Courtesy of "Husbands"

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell's newlyweds comedy debuts Thursday in a new home.

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell's Husbands web series returns for the third season on a new home: The CW Seed.

The duo teamed up several years ago when Espenson -- whose credits range from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Once Upon a Time to Torchwood: Miracle Day and Battlestar Galactica -- reached out to Bell after finding his "funny" original YouTube videos. "They sounded like I wrote them," Espenson told The Hollywood Reporter on a sunny May afternoon in Los Angeles' Fairfax district where the cast and crew was filming that weekend. 

Several years after the two struck up a friendship, Espenson and Bell realized they needed to work on a project together. "[Brad] had this idea for a marriage equality comedy," Espenson recalled. "I don't think I would've done [the project] without that idea. It was so clearly a story that needed to be told, something we cared about -- and something I couldn't believe no one was doing."

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Husbands, which debuted in September of 2011, follows tabloid personality Cheeks (Bell) and pro baseball player Brady (Sean Hemeon) who get drunk-married in Las Vegas and stay together for fear of a public divorce. 

Espenson and Bell credited The CW for understanding what Husbands was -- and not forcing drastic changes. The most shocking thing, as they told it, was how receptive the network was. "It was after the table read" for season three, Bell said, "and the note was, 'This is perfect.' " "We couldn't believe that. You don't get just praise," Espenson added. Instead, the only network mandate was simple: "Keep making what you make," Bell said, "and we did." 

Following the initial table read, there were changes made to the script, but they were organic discoveries for the duo. "They let us find them," Espenson said. "Instead of them saying, 'We think this needs this,' they knew we would find where we had a few adjustments to make." Some of the tweaks in the script included bigger stakes for the Cheeks character and attitude modifications.

Whether or not there is a future for Husbands at The CW Seed still remains to be seen, but the concept lends itself to never-ending stories. "As far as different ideas [go], we're constantly finding things -- especially when Sean and I travel to conventions and things," said Bell. "The differences between them when they go out to eat, etiquette on a plane when flirting with a flight attendant."

Added Espenson: "There are stories you can only tell with same-sex couples, and that's a place where we'd like to say, 'What if they're both flirting with the same flight attendant?' "

In July, THR broke the news that Much Ado About Nothing star and newly-minted Person of Interest regular Amy Acker would guest star in the upcoming season. Other key talent dropping by include True Blood's Janina Gavankar, Seth Green, Battlestar Galactica's Michael Hogan and The Mindy Project's Beth Grant.

Watch the season three trailer below:

Husbands premieres Thursday on The CW Seed.

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