Hylkema preps 'Den Uyl' feature


AMSTERDAM -- Dutch director Hans Hylkema is preparing a feature film, called "De Zeven Dagen of Den Uyl" (The Seven Days of Den Uyl), about one of the most sensitive events in recent Dutch political and royal history: the Lockheed scandal.

The film, according to Hylkema, could be viewed as a Dutch take on the British film "The Queen."

The film will focus on former prime minister Joop den Uyl, who in 1976 was confronted with an investigation against Prince Bernhard, the husband of Queen Juliana.

Bernhard was accused of defrauding the aircraft company Lockheed, but as a result of the intervention of Den Uyl, a fierce socialist, a royal crisis was prevented.

"De Zeven Dagen of Den Uyl" will be produced by Rene Huybrechtse of Dutch Mountain Movies, who plans to shoot the film in 2009.