'I Give It a Year': Newlyweds Matchmake for Each Other (Exclusive Video)

Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall star as a mismatched couple navigating their first year of marriage in the British comedy.

Marriage isn't easy.

In the new comedy, I Give It a Year, a newlywed couple (Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall) deals with the challenges that come after the "I do's."

Here, The Hollywood Reporter exclusively hosts a clip from the film, which shows the mismatched couple getting ready for a double-date night with pair of single friends they seem to be trying to set up.

However, while analyzing their friends, Nat (Byrne) and Josh (Spall) both "casually" pitch the idea of their spouse being better suited to date one of their single friends. This leads to some awkward accidental insults.

FILM REVIEW: I Give It a Year

Directed by Dan Mazer and also starring Anna Faris and Simon Baker, I Give It a Year opens in U.S. theaters Aug. 9 via Magnolia Pictures. It's been available via VOD since July 3.

Mazer (the writer of Borat and Bruno) makes his directorial debut with the film, which opened in the U.K. in February and had its U.S. premiere at the South by Southwest festival in March.

In THR's review of the film, Megan Lehmann writes: "Snarkier than your average Hollywood romantic comedy, the fitfully hilarious British outing I Give It a Year seeks to slice up happily-ever-after tropes with a hacksaw."

Watch the exclusive clip above.