Where I Grew Up in New York

Top showbiz execs born and bred in the area reflect on what they miss (pastrami!), what they don't (looking for parking) and why you can go home again

Before there was a hollywood, Thomas Edison founded the filmed entertainment industry in the New York vicinity. Even today, many Hollywood moguls are still Tri-State area residents. Some, like Sony Pictures Classics co-president Tom Bernard, have lived virtually all their lives in the shadow of the Empire State Building; NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment and Cable Studios chairman Bonnie Hammer migrated from Queens to Connecticut as a grown-up. And even those who moved west to conquer the biz, such as Lionsgate's Sandra Stern, visit their former 'hoods as often as they can. These 14 Easterners reveal where they were raised and attended school, along with the rituals of their visits (pizza, Central Park), what they're happy they no longer have to cope with (midtown traffic, walk-up apartments) and how, no matter how harsh "the battle" of growing up in the city, they're always in a New York state of mind.

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