'I Just Texted To Say I Love You' Parody Plays on Modern-Day Dating (Video)

"Idol" contestant Elliott Yamin and "Modern Family" actress Sarah Hyland star in the short.

The sounds of modern-day love: tweet, hashtag, facebook tag, like, skype and text.
A new short called I Just Texted to Say I Love You plays on the new ways that love and relationships are experienced with the variety of technology that can get in the way.

Former American Idol contestant Elliott Yamin stars in the Break.com video, singing the play on Stevie Wonders song. The young lovers with the texting addictions are played by Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland and High School Musical 3 actor Matt Prokop.
The two lovers are seen chatting over Skype as Yamin croons, “Thank god for Skype and our cell phones, so we can talk whether we’re together or alone.” The video follows the couple as they try to have a life, but their hundreds of iPhone apps often get in the way.