'I Love Lucy' to Return to TV ... in Latvia

Courtesy of Everett Collection
'I Love Lucy'

CBS Studios has signed a deal for a local-language reboot of the Lucille Ball sitcom, nearly 60 years after it went off the air in the U.S.

I Love Lucy fans have had a long wait.

It's been 58 years since the last episode of the classic American sitcom starring Lucille Ball aired on U.S. television. But now I Love Lucy is returning to TV. Sort of.

On Tuesday, CBS Studios International announced a deal with Latvian broadcaster MTG TV to reboot I Love Lucy for the Baltic market. The Latvian series, called Darling Monika, will run for 10 episodes on Latvian network LNT this September.

The original I Love Lucy ran for six seasons, from 1951-57 on CBS. Ball won two Emmys for her portrayal of the ambitious, but accident prone, Lucy Ricardo on the groundbreaking series.

This isn't the first time Lucy has gone to the Baltics. Darling Monika first launched on Latvian TV 16 years ago. The new series is a reboot of the old show with the same cast. The show follows the life of the hapless and hilarious Monika Rambans, her patient and loving husband, Robert, and their neighbors.

“Sixteen years ago Darling Monika was the most popular sitcom in Latvia,” said Ginta Bormane, PR manager at MTG TV. “There is arguably no one in the country who isn’t familiar with the bubbly and energetic character. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of LNT we decided to bring back Monika. We believe it is one of the most awaited television events of this autumn.”

This kind of nostalgic reboot is not unique. ITV in Britain did a similar original cast reboot last year, to great success, with 1990s sitcom Birds of a Feather.

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