K.J. Apa Encounters Love and Loss in 'I Still Believe' Trailer

Britt Robertson, Gary Sinise, Shania Twain, Melissa Roxburgh, Abigail Cowen and Nathan Parsons round out the cast of the film that follows a real-life Christian music mega-star's life.

In Lionsgate's newest trailer for its upcoming film I Still Believe, Riverdale star K.J. Apa takes on the role of real-life Christian music mega-star Jeremy Camp.

The film follows Camp on his journey of love and loss, highlighting his career and his inclination to remain hopeful, even in the hardest times. I Still Believe is a follow-up to the 2018 indie hit I Can Only Imagine.

The trailer opens with the sun setting over the ocean, and Apa joining a group of people at a beach party. Britt Robertson's character, Melissa Henning, Camp's love interest and eventual wife, teases him about bringing his guitar, to which he playfully retorts, "You asked me to." Robertson convinces him to play for everyone at the party. He starts singing "Find Me in the River" by now-retired English contemporary Christian band Delirious?

Shots of Robertson's Melissa and Apa's Jeremy looking at each other, smiling, goofing around and talking on the phone flash by as Jeremy's cover of "Find Me in the River" plays in the background.

As Melissa chimes in, the two sing, "We didn't count on suffering, we didn't count on pain," over scenes of Jeremy running through a hospital with Melissa in his arms, fainted, and then her getting an exam done.

In the hospital chapel, Jeremy puts on a light show for Melissa, followed by shots of their wedding, and he tells her, "You're going to be healed." When she asks him what if she's not supposed to be healed, he replies, "Don't say that."

The trailer continues with more shots of the couple throughout their relationship, a huge crowd waiting for Jeremy at a beach concert, his parents waving goodbye to him and his mother (Shania Twain) embracing him upon his return. His father (Gary Sinise) tells him, "You chose to walk into the fire with her. That's what love is."

The final scene cuts back to the beginning when Melissa and Jeremy are at the beach party, as they sing in harmony, "I'm waiting here for you."

I Still Believe hits theaters March 13.

Watch the full trailer above.