'I Want You' a Hit at Russian Box Office

Box office admissions for the Spanish romance are one of the best openings for a European non-English-language film in Russia ever.

MADRID - The Spanish romantic sequel I Want You grossed $4.3 million on its second weekend in Russia--after opening last weekwith $2.5 million on 430 screens, slotting it in second place behind The Amazing Spider Man, which was released on1500 screens.

Fernando Gonzalez Molina's I Want You-- produced by Zeta Cinema, A3 films, Cangrejo films and Globomedia Cine-- is the sequel of 3 Meters Above the Sky.

Want is a love story between a handsome guy with a troubled past and a girl from an upper class family starring Spanish heartthrob Mario Casas, Maria Valverde, and Clara Lago.

The teen-targeted romance has grossed almost 1.7 million admissions in Spain to date since it's release by Warner Bros. on June 22, grossing some $12.8 million.

The Russian box office earnings are one of the best opening weekends ever for a European non-English language film in Russia.

In comparison, Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love,a star-studded cast, released over the same weekend on 450 prints, grossed $745,000.

The worldwide rights are handled by Imagina International Sales, which sold Russian rights to the Carmen Film Group.

“We acquired the film because it resonated in the right way with the demands of today’s 14-18 y.o. teenagers, who are the main cinema goers in our market. The substance of this story and the way in which it is told, resembles Twilight or Dirty Dancing and delivers emotions to a very concrete target audience. This material allowed us to communicate with a very rewarding audience," said Carmen Film Group president Igor Lebedev.

"Our goal was to demonstrate that the myth that Russian audiences only watch Hollywood films is not always true. The key determining factor is still the people, who chose to watch the movie. Franchises do not necessarily come only from U.S. studios. We are grateful that our partner Russian exhibitors took a leap of faith and supported our enthusiasm, and they were rewarded," Lebedev said.